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Why should I purchase a racehorse share from Toward Reward?

Toward Reward Thoroughbreds specialises in racehorse syndication. Should you choose to purchase a share from Toward Reward, you’ll receive more than just racehorse ownership, you’ll become a part of the Toward Reward community. You will receive regular updates about the wellbeing and progress of your horse, and you’ll have opportunities to socialise with like-minded people.

How do Toward Reward select their horses?

We make our selections based on the expert analysis of our bloodstock agent, Lenny Russo of Bluegrass Bloodstock.

In the weeks before a sales day, Lenny spends a lot of time visiting stud farms and reviewing each lot of the sales catalogue. In the days before, he compiles a strict shortlist based on budget, athleticism, and conformation. All shortlisted yearlings undergo a veterinary examination. X-rays are assessed to identify any structural bone issues, and the yearlings are scoped to detect any physical abnormalities or signs of inflammation or infection.

It is important to us that we keep our share pricing affordable, and we will never compromise our strict selection process to purchase a horse. If we can not find the right horse for the right price, we will not buy it.

What will I receive as an owner?

As an owner of a Toward Reward horse, you will play a part in naming and making decisions for your horse. You will also receive: regular updates on the wellbeing, progress, and performance of your horse; Toward Reward merchandise; race day owners’ tickets and access to applicable owners’ enclosures when your horse is racing; invites to stable open days; and invitations to Toward Reward meet-ups.

Will I receive updates?

As an owner of a Toward Reward horse, you will receive regular updates on your horse via email, and through our blog and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

Regardless of whether your horse is spelling, training or racing, we will keep you updated – even when nothing has changed! We pride ourselves in offering top-quality, honest communication.

Will my name appear in the racebook?

If you purchase a share of 5% or greater, you will see your name listed in the racebook. There may be an opportunity for owners of smaller shares to have their names listed, depending on the size and quantity of shares sold. In such circumstances, this will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What happens with the prize money?

Toward Reward does not take a commission on your hard-earned prize money!

All prize money is distributed among the owners of Toward Reward horses directly by the Principal Racing Authority (Racing Victoria) according to the share owned by each owner.

How are the horses named?

Here comes the fun part! Each owner will be able to nominate a name for their horse. All owners will vote on those names using a points system, and the top three selections will be submitted when registering the horse. The points system is simple, 2.5 per cent is equal to one vote.

Can I buy a horse share with my friends?

If you register your group of friends as a syndicate, you can purchase a horse share as a group. You can do this through the Principal Racing Authority, and we are more than happy to help you through the application process.

Buying shares with friends is a fantastic option for those who want to keep the costs of racehorse ownership to a minimum and still get the same thrill out of watching their horse race.

Can I visit my horse at the stables?

Yes, of course, you can visit your horse! Contact us so that we can organise a suitable date and time with the trainer. We are always looking for an excuse to pop in so we may join you! 

Whether your horse is in training, pre-training, or spelling, we attend the stables frequently and will endeavour to invite owners to join whenever possible.

What happens to my horse after it has completed its racing career?

Upon retirement, your horse may be sold privately or to stud. Our priority will always be our horses’ wellbeing and ensuring that they go to happy homes and enjoy their retirement.

If your racehorse has had a successful racing career and remains an entire or is a filly/mare, there may be exciting breeding opportunities awaiting them.

I'm interested in a Toward Reward horse, what do I need to do to get involved?

Firstly, please call or write to us. We can answer your questions and send you a copy of the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for you to review.

If you would like to purchase a share, simply follow the link to the Online Share Application Portal and follow the prompts! No more printing, scanning, taking photos, filing, sending, mailing, or attaching!

The Online Application can be completed on your phone, desktop or tablet.

And that’s it, easy!

What is included in Toward Reward's share pricing?

All costs associated with the purchase of a yearling are included in our advertised share pricing, including: breaking-in and education; pre-training and training; vet inspections; insurance; Inglis or Magic Millions race series entries; VOBIS nominations; Blue Diamond and Golden Slipper nominations; and much more. All costs are outlined in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement.

Can I inspect a horse if I am interested in purchasing a share?

Yes, you can inspect any horse that you are interested in! Please contact us so we can arrange a suitable date and time.

What are the ongoing costs?

Our share pricing and ongoing costs are outlined with complete transparency in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement.

On average, the cost to maintain a racehorse is approximately $40,000-$50,000 per year. If you own a 2.5 per cent share, you can estimate your ongoing costs to average about $100 per month.

Ongoing costs include spelling, pre-training, training, transport, and trial and race nominations. Any additional costs, like veterinary fees and race entry fees, are difficult to estimate.

Each month, our trainers will bill you directly, meaning no syndicator mark ups, no inconsistent invoicing, and no problems! We also charge a small management fee that is direct debited monthly. The management fee structure is outlined plainly in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement, and is designed to reward our owners for expanding their portfolio of racehorses through Toward Reward.

Is my investment insured?

All Toward Reward horses are insured for 12 months from the fall of the hammer. Owners can choose to reinsure their horse share at the end of this period. We provide more information regarding the level of cover and costs involved in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement.

Are there any risks involved?

There are many risks associated with horse racing. Some horses are ill-suited to racing. Others get sick, sustain injuries, become lame, or suffer from disease or feeding disorders. A Toward Reward horse may be unable to train or race for an extended period of time, their racing career may come to an unexpected end, or their ability to produce as a broodmare or stallion may be compromised. You may incur unexpected expenses. Similarly, the costs of managing, training, and/or racing your horse may increase. Such costs and events will impact your return on investment. We outline these risks further in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and mitigate them by taking out mortality insurance for all our horses.

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