Shuriken and Paulartes are progressing well through their preparations and heading towards their first jump outs! As you’ll hear in the following videos, the gelding and filly will likely be ready for a jump out in the coming weeks. It will be purely educational and probably won’t yet indicate their racing ability as they are still growing, developing and maturing, but we’re excited to see them tackle it.






Meanwhile, our Harry Angel x Catskill Roc colt will head to the breakers any day now. We’re looking forward to seeing how he goes!

We’re also excited to be heading to Wilde Racing’s annual Owner’s Day this weekend with some of the Toward Reward community! Shuriken and Paulartes will still be at Geelong, but we’ll be able to get some more photos of our Harry Angel x Catskill Roc colt! If you’re an owner interested in coming along, email Matt at for the details.



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